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INKcrypt® smartQR Biomarker Fluid with Test Strips
10ml INKcrypt® smartQR biomarker fluid*, including 2x10 test kits
Starter Kit
* Water based Biomarker fluid has no impact on human health. 10ml sufficient for marking up to 1000 items (10µL per item). Spray on invisible fluid – allow to dry – authenticate instantly!
INKcrypt® Jet Biomarker-Secured Printing for Home & Business
Create DNA-Identifiable inkjet prints, security tags and counterfeit-proof originals with ease!
Bundle Includes:
  • INKcrypt® Jet 760 All-In-One Inkjet
  • INKcrypt® Jet Black MICR Ink Cartridge
  • INKcrypt® Jet Regular CMY Ink Cartridge
  • 1 smartQR Authentication Kit
  • 1-year ID annual subscription
smartQR - INKcrypt® Ink Identity Authentication
Test INKcrypt® Ink on an item to see whether it is an original or not
smartQR Authentication Kit
INKcrypt Enabled Product