Counterfeit Prevention

Pharmaceuticals InkPrint InkPrint

Apply INKcrypt® to packaging or pharmaceutical units to secure supply chain deliverables.

INKcrypt® tagged pharmaceuticals can be tested within the supply chain, by pharmacists, and end users using Qtouch™ Kits.

Parts InkPrint InkPrint

Industrial & Technology

Protect critical items and parts with INKcrypt® to allow for full-proof tracking and tracing.

Fashion InkPrint InkPrint


Know that you are buying the real deal!

INKcrypt® tagged brand name products can be tested and authenticated instantly and on-the-spot with Qtouch™ Kits.

Beauty Products InkPrint InkPrint
Beauty Products


Eliminate harmful counterfeit cosmetics and personal care products by applying INKcrypt® INK to packaging or directly on the product.

Documents InkPrint InkPrint

Certified Documents & Currency

Embed INKcrypt® DNA-identities on valuable documents and currency which can be tested instantly, on –the-spot. With Qtouch™ Kits, we have taken a complex laboratory analysis and shrunk it down to a portable, inexpensive test.

Foods InkPrint InkPrint

Food & Beverage

Print labels or barcodes with INKcrypt® INK to track and trace Food & Beverage items.

Food Grade INKcrypt® INK is safe and can be applied directly to food products.

The Problem. Counterfeiting.

Counterfeiting & fraud spans all industries and is a continually growing problem in domestic & international economies, resulting in trillions of losses globally.

Even the most sophisticated anti-counterfeit features are easily reproducable by counterfeiters, due to ease and availability of tools to replicate products, from base components to security features. This leaves end users, and often even brand owners, no means of distinguishing original products from a counterfeits.

The Solution. INKcrypt®.

INKcrypt’s goal is to eliminate counterfeit & fraud and give peace of mind to businesses and end users, alike!

INKcrypt® Anti-Counterfeit Security in 3 Easy Steps!

1 - Print your personalized INKcrypt® Ink on your products.
2 - Test & authenticate your products using Qtouch™ Authentication Kits.
3 - Share & verify your results using INKcrypt® app.